Aim of genetic analysis

Genetic analysis is a highly complex test that is carried out at a laboratory specialising in genome analysis.

Genetic analysis is used to identify the genetic cause, or mutation, of a specific illness in a patient or in modern medicine to assess the appropriate treatment for each patient.

At Consulta Iglesias we carry out genetic analysis by using a simple blood test or saliva test in order to establish the correct medication and dose, making it more effective and with fewer side effects. The problem has always been finding which medication works best for each person and at what dosage. We are able to do this through genetic analysis, which avoids causing the patient unnecessary discomfort.


  • DrugChip Epilepsy (G1379) €425
  • DrugChip Depression (G1381) €425
  • DrugChip Anxiety (G1382) €425
  • DrugChip Psychosis (G1383) €425
  • DrugChip Neurology (G1366) €550

Genetic Analysis at Consulta Iglesias

The sample is taken at the clinic and then sent to a specialised laboratory for genetic analysis. Once the lab has completed the analysis the genetic report will tell us which medications the patient is susceptible to, i.e. which medication the patient will react positively to and be able to tolerate best. It also tells us if their liver metabolism is correct.

By analysing your psycho-pharmacological profile through genetic analysis we can buy time in the treatment of depression, anxiety and schizophrenia.

If you would like to undergo genetic analysis for your psychiatric treatment, you can get more information by contacting us on 971 101 433.