Do you need help?

If you get tired easily, if your enthusiasm and energy levels are low, if you’re finding life a struggle, if you are irritable, if you’re not sleeping as well as you used to, if you feel less sociable, more insecure or anxious, or if you have more physical complaints, the cause could be your nervous system.

Seeking professional help is a positive step and an expression of your personal strength. Recognising that something is not right and taking action to get help shows your intention to look after yourself.

You will find your self-esteem is bolstered and you will regain your ability to take pleasure in things. During treatment we use different types of therapeutic tools that include psychiatric and psychotherapeutic treatments, both individually and in groups.

We can help you

El Dr. Pablo Iglesias, psiquiatra y psicoterapeuta en Palma de Mallorca y su equipo de profesionales, ofrecen diagnóstico y tratamiento integral de:

  • Depresión y Trastorno Bipolar
  • Trastorno de Angustia, Ansiedad y Estrés
  • Esquizofrenia
  • Adicciones, problemas de alcohol, drogas y medicamentos
  • Demencia, deterioro cognitivo
  • Conflictos Emocionales, terapia de pareja
  • Tratamiento especializado del Trastorno de la Personalidad
  • Diagnóstico Neuropsicológico y Psicodinámico de los Trastornos mentales

Not only do we provide important pharmacological and psychological treatment for the patient, but we also offer their family and carers personalised information and support.